Thursday, May 20, 2010

MediaWiki: Restringir la visibilidad de páginas por grupos



I have a group of pages that I want will be read by some group of users. Exists some meaning to create a new group and configure a group of pages cos' only this group can read? Thanks

Respuesta 1:

Hi, I know there is e extension that can do that. I dont remember which one and dont recomend, though, except in case of a sensitive document on a corporate wiki. Best regards, Nevio

Respuesta 2:

The typical responses from mwbot:

*For information on customizing user access, see For common examples of restricting access using both rights and extensions, see

*Wikis are designed for openness, to be readable and editable by all. If you want a forum, a blog, a web authoring toolkit or corporate content management system, perhaps don't use wiki software. There is a nice overview of free tools available at including the possibility to try each system.

*MediaWiki was not designed with read-restrictions in mind, and may not provide air-tight protection against unauthorized access. We will not be held responsible should private information, such as a password or bank details, be leaked, leading to loss of funds or one's job. or one of the other
extensions might work.

Respuesta 3:

I'm using Mediawiki for a online textbook of sorts, with a page representing a chapter. I have returned on section numbering for all users to mimic the way the chapters are numbered in the book; works great. However, it doesn't make sense in my context to have the numbering start with "1" for each chapter. Ideally there would be a way to start the numbering at any number. Or at least be able to change the leading "1" - no chapter is structured with multiple h2s. I've kludged a fix with javascript, but it is too slow for my liking.

Are there plug-ins available with this functionality? How hard would it to be to add a magic word that performs this functionality? Where in the php should I start messing around?


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