Thursday, May 20, 2010

Projec.Net: Cambiar jornada laboral de un proyecto



I've created a task with the next properties:

* Fixed Units
* Effort Driven
* Start date: 5/20/10
* Finish date: 5/21/10
* Duration 5 hours

But automatically, the PNET chages the Start Date to 5/21/2010 and adds a constraint "Finish No Earlier Than" and Constraint Date "5/21/10" anf "17:00"

In my job, I finish at 15:00, how can I change? Thanks

Respuesta 1:

For the project: Workplan >> Properties >> Change Working Times

Conclusión: Buena solución y sencilla para la versión 9.1 de este software.

MediaWiki: Restringir la visibilidad de páginas por grupos



I have a group of pages that I want will be read by some group of users. Exists some meaning to create a new group and configure a group of pages cos' only this group can read? Thanks

Respuesta 1:

Hi, I know there is e extension that can do that. I dont remember which one and dont recomend, though, except in case of a sensitive document on a corporate wiki. Best regards, Nevio

Respuesta 2:

The typical responses from mwbot:

*For information on customizing user access, see For common examples of restricting access using both rights and extensions, see

*Wikis are designed for openness, to be readable and editable by all. If you want a forum, a blog, a web authoring toolkit or corporate content management system, perhaps don't use wiki software. There is a nice overview of free tools available at including the possibility to try each system.

*MediaWiki was not designed with read-restrictions in mind, and may not provide air-tight protection against unauthorized access. We will not be held responsible should private information, such as a password or bank details, be leaked, leading to loss of funds or one's job. or one of the other
extensions might work.

Respuesta 3:

I'm using Mediawiki for a online textbook of sorts, with a page representing a chapter. I have returned on section numbering for all users to mimic the way the chapters are numbered in the book; works great. However, it doesn't make sense in my context to have the numbering start with "1" for each chapter. Ideally there would be a way to start the numbering at any number. Or at least be able to change the leading "1" - no chapter is structured with multiple h2s. I've kludged a fix with javascript, but it is too slow for my liking.

Are there plug-ins available with this functionality? How hard would it to be to add a magic word that performs this functionality? Where in the php should I start messing around?


MediaWiki: Ordenar categorías en una sola columna



The Categories pages are sorted in three columns. Does it exist some meaning
to sort in one column? Thanks.

Respuesta 1:


I think (not 100% sure though) it is hard-coded somewhere in the file CategoryPage.php


Conclusión: Es mejor no hacerlo. En este caso, MediaWiki es bastante cerrado y no es recomendable empezar a trastear con el código fuente, ano ser que sea estrictamente necesario.


El médico de Mary Poppins nace fruto de mi trabajo diario. Cada día debo buscar pequeñas tonterías relacionadas con la Ingeniería Informática.

Estas pequeñas dudas se conocen en ocasiones como píldoras. Así pues, aquí publicaré las preguntas y las soluciones que halle. Simplemente espero que a la gente del ramo les resulten útiles.

El nombre del blog está inspirado en aquella canción de Mary Poppins cuando decían: Con un poco de azúcar es la píldora que os dan. Francamente, nunca ví la píldora, pero el médico debía andar por alguna parte.

Un saludo.